We are two Australian gay guys (Matt/Daddy and Greg/Papa) living in Zurich (Switzerland) with our beautiful twin daughters Verity and Delilah born through surrogacy in 2014. We love spending time with the twiglets and boring the world with photos, videos, random blog posts and anything else we can find.

Originally from Adelaide (Australia) but have been living in Europe semi-permanently (define permanently) since 1999 (London, Edinburgh, Seytroux and now Zurich). Switzerland was supposed to be a short term gig but somehow it has ended up being longer than anywhere else, so long the girls will start school here in August 2019.

It can all be a little crazy at times and we certainly miss our family and friends but wouldn’t change anything for the world (ok, maybe I would change a few things).

Instagram Photos @the_real_dads_of_zurich