About Matt (old old) circa 2011

Matty in 1980 - Adelaide AU

We have a house in Seytroux (France) where we (Greg, Ruperts and Aoife) spend a lot of the our time (mainly weekends). The rest of our time is spent in our shoebox in Zurich (Switzerland) city centre. Originally from Adelaide, Greg and I moved to Europe in 1999.

After a year in London, we moved to Edinburgh where we still spend a lot of time. Who knows what the future holds but we are currently thinking London will be our next home (probably 2 – 3 years away). 

Update November 2018: This move to London is never going to happen. It’s a very very distance place in my dreams.

Name: Matthew Evan Fopp aka Matthew Fopp (Update November 2017: Now Matthew Evan Hodgson-Fopp)
Love: GrauwllesRupert and Aoife (and my Mum, Dad and Sister).
Birthday: 12th April 1979
Place of birth: Adelaide
House: France (Seytroux) & Australia (Adelaide)
Email: matt@mafoo.com
Parents: 2 (Heather & Rod)
First car: Daihatsu Charade
Favourite city: Edinburgh
Favourite bar: Bar Le National (of course, maybe slightly biased there)

Update November 2018: Kids: Twins: August 2014: Verity and Delilah.