Postpartum depression in gay dads

The biggest myth about Postnatal depression and Postpartum depression (PPD) -in my opinion- is that it doesn’t effect men, let’s just clarify this, it does. It doesn’t discriminate at all; it can effect Mum or Dad. it doesn’t matter.

When I started researching the topic I also wasn’t sure if there was a difference between Postnatal and Postpartum, these terms seem to be interchangeable. Well that’s what my research has shown me. 

So what is it? I’m never going to be able to explain it with the justice it deserves, so here are a few links:

We need to take this seriously! If we see a Mum or Dad suffering we should reach out to them and ask them if they are ‘ok’. You may need to read between the lines’ but persist. It may just be a bad day -little rugrats can be knackering- but it maybe more serious. A friend to talk to when you are feeling really low is worth a million dollars; after all you were expecting to feel on top of the world (albeit tired) once the little one arrived.

Why such a random topic you ask? We might touch on that later :)