London Gatwick LGW Drone

If you have looked at any UK news website over the past couple of days you will know that there is a drone hovering around London Gatwick airport. Drones, airports and planes do not mix well and as a result this drone has managed to close the airport down for the third day in a row. It’s now Friday morning with no sign of Gatwick airport reopening anytime soon. A serious Christmas nightmare for all London airports.

Now there’s heaps of information online but there are three questions I have: 

  1. Is it the same drone operator?

  2. How can a drone stay airborne for that long? Or is it multiple?

  3. Can it really be that hard to find the person flying the problematic drone?

It’s sounding like they may shoot the drone down but couldn’t this crazy person just fly another one?

I really feel for everyone caught up in this mess and hope that the drone pilot gets caught and put away. Endangering a plane is so not cool. Spoiling Christmas is really not cool either.

Anyway here is some easy reading if you are remotely interested:

My rant is over, at least for now.

 UPDATE: Finally they have sent snipers in to get that bloody drone on the ground at London Gatwick Airport. Read more here.

 UPDATE 22/12/2018: They think they have found them... click here to read more.