I Love You Greg - A missing blog post

In my hunt for material from my lost blog I found this from my very first blog on mafoo.com. It was barely a blog but for the sake of this post we will call it a blog. We had just moved to London which makes it summer 1999 (UK summer that is).

What surprises me more than anything is how badly this post is written! Please remember I was young.

[No date but must be around August 1999]

As everyone probably knows... Greg is my husband. We have been together now for 18 months. Greg is the most fantastic person on this earth. He is very supportive of everything I decide to do and would never hold me back from anything. In fact, he has moved to London because it was a dream of mine, although he was more than comfortable with his friends and lifestyle in Adelaide.

Greg and I met at Mars one Sunday morning when I was extremely pissed. I was been harassed by Chris and Greg saved me. Greg and I have totally different opinions on whether my opening line was a pick up or not ('don't I know you from somewhere') but I am going to deny it until I die! *confused look* The only other thing that Greg and I disagree on.... -and I have extremely strong views on- is THAT BLOODY CAT PRINT ON THE WALL IN THE LOUNGE ROOM which thankfully now has been replaced by Daves new Star Wars picture that we bought him for Christmas.

Something about Greg,  He can't rollerblade for shit, he complains and whinges when we walk to work together (apparently I walk to fast and his shoes weren't made for it), he's extremely funny when he's pissed and the one last thing I'm going to mention is the fact that he used to work for MERLIN! Didn't you Greg??? ;-)

Greg, has probably been the best thing that has happened to me in ages. The guy has got a heart of solid gold, would do absolutely anything for me, treats me better than any guy could ever expect and loves me too death (even when I tell him off for typing to loud in the middle of the night).

Greg has put up with everything..... from my 'not going here agains', to my 'can you shut the fuck up' (when he's typing too loudly in the middle of the night), to sticking licorice in his mouth when he's fast asleep and probably the one that has confronted us both most of all is my moods. Happy one minute to moody the next!

Greg, I love you too bits gorgeous and no-one could ever take your place within my heart. You cuddle me to sleep each night and you wake up beside me every morning. What else could I want?

Greg, I Love You...... Your my Husband :-)