So what's in store for 2019?

I have no idea, is the honest answer.

We are moving house in March, the twins start Kindergarten (first year of school here in Zurich) and apart from that there is nothing really planned. I think we have quite a few international guests (mainly Australians) visiting from spring on wards but apart from that there are no real plans. We will hopefully head to Australia at some point.

Probably the biggest event of 2019 will be Greg’s and my 21st anniversary. Yes, that’s correct we have been together 21 years on the 24th January 2019. Now that is super scary!!

I’m also turning 40 in April but we are blocking that out at this stage :)

On a completely different note - I’m debating whether to Vlog (YouTube) as well as blog. I did Vlog a very long time ago and enjoyed it but I am still thinking about that one. I have no intentions of becoming the next YouTube’r or Influencer but it could be fun.

Oh. New Years Eve was very chilled. Paulo, Monica and Leo came around for dinner and then we (Paulo, Monica and Leo and Me) headed into town to see the fireworks. Randomly they don’t start until 0020. We figure it gives the amateur firework people time to finish.

Anyway, time to sign out for a day or two. Talk soon.