Detained in Dubai

We are thinking about heading to Australia later this year and it’s quite well known that the Middle Eastern (Qatar, Emirates, Etihad) carriers have become far cheaper than the Asian (Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific) and legacy European carriers especially direct from Zurich. We maybe able to fly to London (BA or Virgin Atlantic) or Frankfurt (Lufthansa) and achieve similar prices but with two fours year olds we would rather avoid it.

I have flown via the Middle East dozens of times by myself, with Greg and also with the twins but as they get older I get more concerned we maybe putting ourselves in a situation that could end up in tears. We all know that the UAE and Qatar aren’t very ‘gay’ friendly and if you’re reading this blog you have probably also read about all the ‘gay’ and ‘homophobic’ legal incidences that have occurred over the years. The last thing I want to do is put the girls at any sort of risk. Even as a couple Greg and I can just pretend to be friends or brothers but travelling with the girls we risk someone asking where their mother is which is bound to lead to further questioning.

So my question is... As a gay couple with kids would you transit (not visit) the Middle East (probably Dubai or Qatar)?

If you compare economy tickets in July between Emirates and Singapore Airlines for 4 people the difference is about 2000CHF. I don’t know what to do so I thought I would put it out there. Feel free to drop me an email or contact me by any form of social media you can find.

If you are at all interested in some of the more recent legal issues that foreigners have encountered in the UAE check out these links below (plus some other reads as well):