Turning 40 - New House - Zurich

So much has happened in the past 6 or so weeks! Nothing bad, nothing hugely good but just life.

Greencity is still rather grey, although as spring arrives some of the trees are getting leaves and things are getting greener. Maybe with time they’ll plant some lawn. Lol. The apartment is good though and is exactly what we wanted.

On the 12th April I turned the big FOUR ZERO. Was pretty uneventful really but was a good chance to get together with some friends for a beverage or four. Nothing really exciting to report though. The balloons were cool and the kidults loved them.

Apart from that, the girls are just as noisy as ever, Mum is here, Darryl and Fizz arrive this week and work is as busy as always. Oh, it’s Greg’s birthday this week as well.

Well that was a boring post!