Gay Dads Day 01.03.2019

You are probably thinking What is Gay Dads Day? Am I correct?


In all honesty I don’t have a complete answer to that question (maybe it will evolve if it actually becomes a thing) but what I can tell you is that it’s about celebrating being gay and also being dads. How we got to be called Daddy, Papa and every variation in between doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that we are called Dad/Daddy/Papa. It’s just amazing!

I didn’t in my wildest dreams think that I would ever be a father (and married). I was 20 in the late late 90’s and neither were even heard of. It’s just amazing how far we have come. Don’t get me wrong there is still a long way to go but progress is progress.

When we had the girls via surrogacy (in California) back in 2014, I though we were the only gays in Switzerland having kids. I heard of one or two others but that was all. Little did I know there was a couple less than a kilometre down the road who had just had twins three days before us and another couple a little further down the road trying. We just happened to use the same doctors. Fast forward to early 2019 and literally 3 minutes walk from my front door there are THREE couples all with twins and both parents are Dads. How awesome is that?

To top it off we were looking at schools for the twins the other day and the vice principal told me that if we sent Verity and Delilah to the school there would be 3 sets of twins with gay dads starting this summer. There are currently none. How awesome is that?

I have no real idea why I came up with this idea but I think it’s a cool idea which we should embrace. Please spread the word. I’ll keep posting on our Instagram account. #gaydadsday

The world is changing slowly. Lets celebrate being Gay Dads!