Greencity Zurich (Greycity)

It’s easy to get confused, the spelling is so similar! However that’s not what I’m talking about.

Have you visited Greencity? Are you as confused as I am about the name? Wouldn’t a more appropriate name be Cobblecity, Pebblecity, Greycity, Graycity or even Cementcity? Why the 50 Shades of Grey?

These names may seem a little unfair/harsh but to be honest are probably justified.

My main bug bear is there’s just not a lot of green inside of Greencity, not on site anyway. If you cross any of the boundary roads you’ll find rivers and forests but within these four borders it’s just gravel and construction. It’s such a shame. It could be such a beautiful location and maybe it will be when the construction finishes but for now it’s really not pretty. It is also the end of winter so the little greenery there is has no leaves which really isn’t helping.

I personally think the name has been lost in translation. When this South Zurich development was named, it was named Greencity because it was a 2000 watt community which was environmentally friendly rather than full of greenery. I guess that’s ok but it would be nice to have a little green verses different textures of grey. I would have thought that to some extent environmentally friendly and green outside go hand in hand but maybe that’s just me. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way but I have no idea how to tackle it or if it’s even worth tackling.

Is there a plan to make it more green? No one seems to know!

I hope that over the course of the next few years as construction slows down at Cementcity (sorry Greencity) greenery may start to appear. I appreciate it’s a work in progress and these things take time but I do really hope that one day the area will live up to its name not only in environmental friendliness but also in colour. It’s a fantastic concept which is why we moved here but at present it’s being let down a little.

That’s my rant over. Thank you for listening. Have a fantastically awesome day.