New Amsterdam TV Show

By now you have probably worked about that I am a complete TV addict. If TV Anonymous existing I would be their first client. Genre doesn’t really matter as long as it is Law, Hospital or Reality (nothing like throwing 15 people on an island to supposedly fall in love).

So, I was talking to my sister the other day and mentioned that I was looking for a new TV show and she mentioned New Amsterdam. I fell in love before she had finished the first sentence and was completely addicted before I had even watched it.

Unfortunately it’s not available on Netflix so I had to be rather creative in obtaining a copy. However the less you know about that the better. Thankfully I live in Switzerland is all I will say (and I never thank my stars I live in Switzerland).

Now I haven’t been watching it at my usual rate as Million Dollar Listings New York and Dynasty do get in the way but it is awesome. I also have a job so I cannot watch TV all day everyday, despite popular belief. Even Greg has been watching it with me which is something completely unheard of. Anyone that knows Greg and I know that we have very different tastes in TV.

I would thoroughly recommend watching it but I won’t tell you anymore just in case you do watch it.

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