I Hate Moving House!

It’s now less than 4 weeks before we move. You would never know, nothing has been done!

There’s lots of procrastinating happening and lots of mess appearing but most of that is the twiglets. Heaven help us when we do actually start packing boxes and throwing out rubbish. I can just see the drawing and painting on the cardboard boxes.

We have known we were moving for almost 9 months as we leased off plan but we thought we had until the end of March before the dreaded move. However the builders finished early and it’s now the 27th of February. In true Swiss style we have an allocated block of 4 hours to move in which just happens to be from 8am-12pm (the most inconvenient time of day as the removalists will need to empty our current apartment the day before). I asked very nicely to change it but was greeted with a nein.

Am I looking forward to the move? Sort of.

Friesenberg has been our home for 6 years now and although this area isn’t far away it is still not an area we know very well. Don’t get me wrong, I think the apart will be amazing when we finally get in but I am dreading the whole process.

It’s brand new, good facilities, eco friendly, a little geeky. It’s awesome. Admittedly the same size as we have now but the balcony is huge. All in all I think we will be very happy there. I’m just dreading the move.

If you are all interesting the first 2000w community in Switzerland here you go:

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