Delilah, own bed please!

Delilah, own bed please!

As she kicks me in the face while fast asleep (she’s decided to top and tail), I so want to send her back to bed but I also know these days are limited and want to capture every last moment I can. I’ll regret it later if I don’t, correct? Am I completely crazy, barking mad or just being a Daddy?

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Christmas: A bitter sweet time of year!

Christmas as expats can be a funny thing. Some years you go home and other years you stay in your adopted home.

I find staying in Switzerland can be lonely as a lot of time, expats being expats, leave to go home. Most of our friends are expats which doesn’t help. Don’t get me wrong we always have a fantastic day with amazing friends but it’s not the same as going home!

I personally would always go home but sometimes life just doesn’t allow it. Christmas for me is not only about being with Greg and the twins but also being with Mum, Dad, Kelly, Callum, Lachie and Ollie and of course Greg’s parents, Darryl and Fizz. Then there’s my lifelong friends who I want to see over this period and can’t. It’s what Christmas is all about to me; spending time with people I love, the most important people in the world to me. 

So it’s bitter sweet. I enjoy Christmas in Zurich and it has the advantages of not spending 30 hours on a plane but I miss my family so incredibly much that it almost destroys the holiday season especially Christmas Day. All I want to do is be with them.

It’s such a hard call. Bitter sweet.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.  Hard to believe it’s 2019 soon!!