OMG! I’ve just processed the fact we are having twins! Not.

Originally published January 6, 2014 by Matt

So here we are; sitting in cattle class (really uncomfortable and hot by the way) making the journey back home from Los Angeles. No internet, crap TV and LOTS of time to think.

I love Santa Monica, it reminds me of Glenelg but on a much bigger scale. Sun, sea, blue skies and good food. I think all these things help me love Santa Monica but there are a few other reasons I really love it.

1. The medical and legal teams we have In Santa Monica are amazing, incredibly skilled and 100% dedicated to their jobs. Without them, our dream to create a family wouldn’t be possible.

2. But most importantly our gorgeous surrogate Natasha lives in Calafornia and she is even more amazing than our legal and medical teams. What she is doing for us is simply incredible and really without her, none of this would be possible. I don’t think words can describe or justify how we really feel about Natasha.

*just went and got myself another beer*

Although we secretly wanted twins for lots of reasons, the thought of twins scares the living daylights out of me. God a singleton scares the living beejee’s out of me but is absolutely managable. I’ve spent so much time with Lachie, that I have some idea what to expect with one but OMG 2? Two adorable little monsters like Lachie? Oh shit! God I love him to bits but he does not stop from the hours of 7am until 7pm minus a few hours in between when he does actually sleep.

*beer not strong enough, time for a Gin and Tonic*

I keep thinking about how we are going to deal with the arrival of twins in late July/early August and how we are going to cope…Our lives are going to change forever. I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything that can prepare us for this. We just need to take every day as it comes and deal with it then.

Holy Crap! Oh Shite! So exciting