Yummy Mummies Netflix

Just as I thought my evening was going to be dominated by Tom Jones and Olly Murs (plus a couple of other random judges) I received an email from Netflix with some viewing suggestions. I’ve got to give it to Netflix as they got it right again and as a result I lost my evening to four Australian mums to be (well one is already a Mum but that would get in the way of a good story).

Yummy Mummies follows 4 pregnant women, 3 in Melbourne and 1 in Adelaide. They really can make reality TV about anything these days!

MelbourneYumMums and AdelaideYumMum basically met on Instagram when Adelaide Mum To Be (AMTB) DM’s them while organising her baby shower. AMTB (not Auto-Route Mt Blanc if you live in this part of the world) rather randomly invites the Melbourne Yummy Mummies to her baby shower in Adelaide and this is how the interesting relationship between these four women begins.

I’m not going to spoil anything here but what happens next is car crash but as my cousin said “It’s so bad it would be rude not to watch it”.

There’s lots of Versace and the occasional diamond or 5 plus the obligatory child birth. Yes it’s reality, yes it’s trash but I love the 3 Melbourne mummies. I even had my husband watching it until the second baby shower. Uh oh.

Four women make lavish preparations for their new arrivals. From bouquets of money to horse-drawn carriages and opulent baby showers, their spending knows no bounds.