Damn Back, London Cancelled!

Originally Published November 29, 2008 | By Mafoo

I was supposed to be going to London this morning to visit Todd and Alex but I hurt my damn back on Tuesday and are in agony now. Have decided to be sensible and stay home.

Been to Dr Masson in Montriond and he gave me lots of drugs. The French seem to like drugs.  Apparently the doctors make money from them but that may just be rumour. Think they are just masking the pain though rather than fixing the problem. Got to get it better before everyone is here for skiing/blading. Not long now *yay*.

I may go to London in a couple of weeks depending on flights and back. I really wanted to go to Abercrombie and get my haircut. Damn Damn Damn.

Avoriaz and Les Gets are opening today for the first time this season. I believe Avoriaz is opening permanently from next weekend which is brilliant. Must get this back sorted asap.