More snowing and skiing!

Originally Published February 12, 2009 | By Mafoo

Had another 2 days of amazingly cool skiing with Keithy and Davey. Well it was really 2 days as today was only about 2.5 hours.

Yesterday we headed randomly up the Pleney. Not a big fan but had such a rad day.


First up we head down through the trees to the bottom of the Pleney, then up in the chair lift, rather than bubble as the bubble had a massive queue. Then got on the other chairlift to the top of the Pleney. From there we headed to up another chairlift and down towards Les Gets. Was cool. A few reds later and it was lunch time.

After lunch, yes, spaghetti and chips, we headed back to Les Gets. Was amazingly cool. Lots of new reds. We then found this wee cafe in the middle of nowhere to have a wee diet coke.

Ended up home about 18h00 and was time for a hot tub. Lasagne and chips for dinner and then some ZzZzZzZz’s.

Today we waited for the snow plough. Came very late as usual. Had given up and was putting snow chains on when we heard the sounds of the plough. We jumped in the car and headed for Morzine. Mels Cafe for lunch (awesome burger) and then up the Super Morzine.

Best week ever skiing says David and Keith.

Didn’t last long before we headed down, had a wander round the city, when to Champion and then headed home. Fish fingers and chips for dinner and then beds I think. Miffy is tired.

Currently snowed in, so no Bar Nash today. Finks Keithy is upset. I’m too old for another night out. I think he forgets I am 30 (THIRTY) this year.

Keithy and Davey head home in the morning. Ski-Lifts transfer from Bar National, then back to Edinburgh. I’ll spend the day catching up on works.

Half Term starts tomorrow! Eck!

I feel ike I have been on a ski holiday for the past week! I seriously think we should organise a ski holiday for next year. I am thinking either Japan or Canada.

Anyone up for it? Grauwlles? What you think?

P.s. Keith is annoying when bored!