Wednesday… Seytroux Bridge Club Meet At Ours!

Originally Published November 12, 2008 | By Mafoo

I have escaped with Aoifie and hidden in the bedroom. Ruperts on the window ledge with his usual unimpressed look. Probably wondering why we have an elevated flat surface (table) in the middle of his “fall asleep in front of the fire spot”. It must be bizarre for a cat living with huuuumans.

Greg, Pru, Jenny, Alex and Amy (in no particular order) are in our lounge room playing Bridge. Ok, well, Amy’s not playing as it’s a 4 person game from what I gather.  Think she is watching and learning. There seems to be lots of nibbles on the table and lots of wine. I do wonder if it’s more about the wine than the game. It’s week number 4 I think. Wonder who will win.

There’s lots of laughing, which is great and I don’t really mind. Gives me *cuddle* time with Aoife.