Will we have wood? A ramble about nothing really!

Originally Published November 18, 2008 | By Mafoo

With temperatures forecast to plummet well into the negatives by the end of the week and the valley expected to be covered in duvet of snow, I am wondering if the woodman will ever come. It’s Tuesday morning and I am cold. The electrics are all on but only just keeping the house warm, we really do need to burn wood to keep this place warm.

Like lots of people around here, we are woodless. That’s not completely true, we do have a wee bit down in the cave but it needs to be chainsawed. Now that is a scary process and one I really wood prefer not to have to complete. 

I’m not sure why but this year wood has been very hard to get. Our normal woodman is out of wood and the one in Montriod has been promising to come but hasn’t. Have we chopped down all the trees? I know Alex and Andy are still waiting as well.

One a warming note, Alex and I are heading to IKEA this morning to get a bed for all those poor guests of ours that end up sleeping on the floor! Yay.