Flying, not convince it’s natural!

Originally Published March 28, 2010 | By Mafoo

“Some random thoughts from my Blackberry on my way to Singapore on this wet and miserable day in Adelaide (and from what I gather this very snowy day in Seytroux).

I have had a really good two weeks, despite being sick the whole time and being completely shattered. Work was very successful and caught up with lots of people. Actually caught up with lots and lots of people. The list is huge.

I’m enroute to Singapore right now. Flight is full (shame but should be thankful I didn’t get charged excesses luggage like a lot of other people did). Nice guy from Birmingham sitting next to me. He’s asleep which is even nicer. Was quite chatty but not in an annoying way.

I’m watching some silly movie with the kid from Weeds in it. Think its called “It’s Complicated”. What a load of rubbish. Waiting on my vegie meal so I can then go to sleep. I’m actually really hungry as I have eaten since dinner last night (was a really nice bbq at Dads). All full now.

So far flight has been smooth. Hopefully it stays that way. Pilot just went walking through the cabin, never very reassuring but he seemed to looking for a Time magazine. Guessing nothing was wrong. Hope not!

Not really sure if anyone at all reads this. Maybe leave a comment if you do?

My tablets are starting to work  Hehe  They are good.

So, we have 4 hours left and have have a medical emergency on board. A medical professional has been asked for. Hopefully nothing to serious. Head immediately thought of closest major airport. Darwin will be it. Hopefully it won’t require a diversion. Would prefer it to be Darwin though if it needs to happen.

3 hours 49 minutes to go. So not that long, if all goes smoothly. 3 hours and 34 minutes now.

It’s a real shame SQ don’t leave Adelaide later to reduce the wait time on flights upto Europe. I have over 8 hours in terminal three this evening 

Why is it planes are either too cold or too hot? This one is freezing! I just want to sleep. Somewhere between Australia and Indonesia at the moment.

Just about to start decent. Really need a pee and a diet coke but they keep ignoring my calls and the seat belt sign is on.