Swiss Int are taking me home…

Originally Published March 29, 2010 | By Mafoo

This is seriously the shortest flight I have ever been on. 25 minutes, Zurich to Geneve in an A320. Think we only go upto about 17000ft. Often it takes longer to get your luggage at the other end. Not even time for a meal service which is probably a good thing as all I have done in the past 24 hours is eat.

I feel surprisingly human. I did sleep a hell of a lot though on the way over which can only be a good thing.

Right, time for water and a chocolate  Then decent. Then home to Grauwlles and the kids. Then jog, then setup media centre, then pub for my Mad Miff which Grauwlles is going to make for me. Thinking no chicken this evening but big chunky bits of pineapple  Nom nom nom.

Then sleep! Oh, should probably get a shower in there somewhere.

Dammit, just need to pee and the seatbelt sign is on. 14 minutes till landing. It was all in Francais but I think that’s what he said. That or bad turbulence. Oh well, nothing I can do now.

P.S. It’s worth flying Swiss just for the chocolate. It is amazing. Better than Milka and that’s saying a lot.