The Airbus A380 is bloody HUGE!

Originally Published March 29, 2010 | By Mafoo

This isn’t my first time on an A380 but everytime I do fly on one, the pure size of it amazes me.

SQ now have 10 in their fleet with 9 on order. Seating 471 people in 3 classes. However, it is designed to seat 800 passengers in a single class configuration. Not too sure how keen I would be about that. I’m lucky as there must be 469 people on board as I have 2 free seats to share with the lovely Canadian lady that has lived in Suisse for the past 17 years (not far from Luasunne(?) I believe.

Only 2.1m longer than a 747-400 but a wingspan considerably longer at 79.8m (B747-400 is 64.4m). It really is amazing this giant flies so gracefully in our skies.

Designed to cruise at 0.85 mach, the same as the 747-400. Mach 1 is the speed of sound and is equal to 761.5mph at sea level. To convert miles to kilometres multiple the kilometres by 1.854 or is it 1.852.

It really is an amazing aircraft, using the most modern engineering and aerodynamics.

I know, I know. Geek geek geek. Not a lot else to do though.

Just for some general knowledge, did you know the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world is from Singapore Changi to New York Newark (actually in New Jersey) and is 9529 miles and takes on average 19 hour 10 minutes on the outbound and 15 hours 50 minutes on the return. I believe the flight is operated on a A340-600 and possibly on a polar routing. That’s non-stop, not getting off anywhere, not refuelling. Continually in the air. Why oh why would you ever put yourself. through that torture?