9 weeks to go…. maybe… just… poor Natasha

Published May 31, 2014 | By Matt E. Hodgson-Fopp

If we are lucky  I’m sure the amazing Natasha wishes right now it would be over tomorrow!! The poor thing must be cursing Greg and I but is always so positive. We cannot thank Charles and the kidlets enough for supporting Natasha throughout this process. We don’t for a moment think it has been easy for them but Greg and are every so thankful.

Actually everyone has been amazing and so so supportive. The process of surrogacy is so foreign to people but people are just genuinely interested. The surprise when we tell them one is Greg’s biological child and one is mine is always priceless. These 2 girls will be welcomed into the world with so much love it will be amazing.

***Off topic ramble finished***

So it’s the 31st May and I am on my way to Siam Reap in Cambodia to visit Deb. Apparently we are going to “turn the town red tonight” *lol*, I’m thinking I am certainly too old for this but will try my best 

As we sit at 40,000ft I wonder if this will be my last “holiday” as a not-daddy or if I can squeeze in 1 last trip before life is turned upside down with the twiglets. I think I can squeeze in one last trip  Bindy here I come (hopefully), sorry Greg. Will life change? Oh course it will but does that mean we can’t go on holidays? No. Absolutely not. I’ll just get to go with Greg and the twins which will be amazing. I would love to bring them to Cambodia and I cannot wait till Australia at Christmas.

It all seems so surreal. 2 years of planning, lots of tears, many sleepless nights and god knows how much money and in 9 weeks (ish) Greg and I will be Daddies and Papa’s. A little bit scary but any fear is forgotten when I think about how exciting it all is. It all seemed like a dream when we started the process and it’s weird to think one adventure is over but another one is about to start. What on earth will I worry about now that the unexpected lawyers bills won’t be coming in? Oh that’s right, another unexpected twiglets bill.

Omg. How much will university fees be? !!!

Anyway…. We are bout to land in Cambodia. I cannot wait. No idea what to expect but I am sure it will be amazing!!

Bye bye for now!