I've become a night owl...

Published January 15, 2014 | By Matt E. Hodgson-Fopp

By choice, why do I suspect that in 200 days (it’s actually less than that btw) I won’t have a choice?

It feels like forever since we started this whole process. We started talking to Natasha and Charles back in July/August last year, so almost 6 months ago. I think of how quickly that time has passed and also how slowly it has gone. So many amazingly amazing things have happened; accompanied by some very sad things as well. Maybe that’s why I am not sleeping at night. It’s scary/amazing/surreal to think that in the same amount of time, we will probably both be up at this time (3am) but to hungry little (screaming) mouths.

In all honesty though, the process started almost 2 years ago. I think Greg almost passed out when I suggested it. Lol. He thought I was bonkers. I personally blame our little monster 

So that’s my very random, half awake and typed on a phone random thought.

*night night world*