The first ultrasounds images

Published January 16, 2014 | By Matt E. Hodgson-Fopp

It’s Thursday and I’m running around like a  mad man; cleaning, hoovering, dusting and puffing pillows. Basically anything I can to avoid the gym. As I do this I wonder if our house will ever be the same again when the twins come. Probably not is my guess. I then also wonder why I am cleaning for the impending arrival of John and Paul, you should see their house! Even a rather fluffy day in our house is still sparkling in comparison 

Anyway, as part my gym avoidance -yesterday and today- I have put the first lot of ultrasound images onto the website.

These were taken about 3 weeks ago I think. I have some more images from last week and Natasha also has another ultrasound at CFP in LA today with Dr Ringler. Once I have today’s images, I will work out some logical way of putting them onto the website and let you know.

Anyway, enough avoidance. Gym time. Oh, I need a shower first and I need to call our attorney about insurance. The insurance one is actually quite interesting and the info could be really useful for anyone thinking about going down this path in California, so I will post at some point about it. To anyone else, it’s probably not interesting at all.

*Sigh* We don’t even have kids and I have no time to get everything done.

*Running out of time*