Baby Rambles! Another ultra-sound.

Published January 10, 2014 | By Matt E. Hodgson-Fopp

Well a week has passed since we found out about the twins. OMG. I think I am still in shock! Excited but scared. Everyone has been amazing. Thank you 

Natasha had another routine scan yesterday with our OBGYN in San Diego county somewhere. I know it was about an hour from Natasha’s but where that is in the big state of California I have no idea. At about the 10-12 week mark; CFP in Los Angeles *hand* Natasha over to an OBGYN closer to home. I guess this will be when a decision will be made about hospitals etc. The scan was all very positive; 2 beating heart beats and about double the size that they were last week. I’m sure they’re boys! Another scan next week in Los Angeles at CFP, routine for this process, not so routine for a normal pregnancy from what I understand. I wish we could be there but we’ll all be there for the big scan in April including Mum.

Are there really going to be twins in our house in 6 months time! Aghhhhh.

So to post the scans or not? Are people really interested? I personally think the one from last week looks like a black and white photo of Aoife (our cat).

Dinner time for me. I could dribble on about all the boring process stuff but I will leave that to Mr H-F the 2nd