We are a family of four made up of Daddy (Matt), Greg (Papa), Verity (Vee) and Delilah (Dee/Lilah). Our home is in Zurich (Switzerland) although we (Matt and Greg) are from Adelaide (Australia) and the twiglets were born in La Jolla California (USA). Verity and Delilah are twins and were born on the 2nd August 2014 to our amazing surrogate Natasha.

It is scary to think that we have called Europe home for 20 years in July (2019). Admittedly I (Matt) have spent a lot of time in Australia for work but I guess my home has been Europe despite at times absolutely detesting where we live. However the travel has come to a pretty abrupt halt.

What does the future hold? I’m not sure but I do know it will involve another country somewhere else in the world.

With all the passports we have I think it’s safe to say we are citizens of the world rather than a particular country.